Deborah Strano - Jeweler/sculptor

Deborah has been working with a variety of metals for over 20 years and frequently experiments with new materials and different techniques.  Inspiration for this artist comes from everywhere..."Nature offers us everything we need-color, form, texture and all kinds of information and ideas that can blossom into a piece of art". Ancient cultures, petroglyphs, masks, images and symbols from all over the world give this artist more than could ever be used. Coral, beach glass, and driftwood from deserted island beaches often show up in her work.  Some of the metal  techniques used are fold forming, fusing, married metals, repousse,  and torch fired enameling on copper and steel.  Other materials often incorporated in her pieces are wood, photos, ceramic tiles, colored leaf, colored golds, and resin. All pieces are hand fabricated, one of a kind, and entirely original.  All faceted and rough gems used are authentic and are cleansed and charged with golden lemurian crystals from mt. Shasta, California. Deborah holds a degree in Intaglio Printmaking and her studies eventually led her to create jewelry and sculpture.

Deborah teaches workshops, and welcomes discussion of custom pieces. Her work can be found in galleries throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and internationally.